Directional Sign Directional Sign
Box Office Box Office
120" Round Tablecloth 120
30" Round Table 30
40 x 40 Frame Tent 40 x 40 Frame Tent
Projector: Sanyo XU111 Projector: Sanyo XU111
24x 24 Vision Stage 24x 24 Vision Stage
Speaker: QSC K10 Speaker: QSC K10
Beach Buffett Sign: Boat Drinks Beach Buffett Sign: Boat Drinks
Cocktail Stretch Cocktail Stretch
Stanchion Rope Stanchion Rope
Books: Wallclock Books: Wallclock
Mic Kit: U4D Wireless Mic Kit: U4D Wireless
Versalite ADA Ramp to 32" Versalite ADA Ramp to 32
TV: 46" LCD TV: 46
Fixture: Par 38 Fixture: Par 38
Jumbo Raffle Drum Jumbo Raffle Drum
Truss: 16" Baseplate Truss: 16
Mixer: Edirol V-8 Mixer: Edirol V-8
Beverage Fountain - 3g Beverage Fountain - 3g


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