Screen: 12' Cradle Screen: 12' Cradle
Speaker: EV ZXa5 Speaker: EV ZXa5
24x 24 Vision Stage 24x 24 Vision Stage
Cable: 50' VGA Cable: 50' VGA
Arch: Column Arch: Column
Projector: Derksen Projector: Derksen
Waste Can: Small Waste Can: Small
Curly Willow Chair Sash Curly Willow Chair Sash
Jumbo Raffle Drum Jumbo Raffle Drum
Beverage Fountain - 3g Beverage Fountain - 3g
Tent Globe Light Tent Globe Light
40" VL Stair w/ Handrail 40
Fixture: LED Batten Fixture: LED Batten
Island Mask: Oahi Island Mask: Oahi
Projector: Derksen Projector: Derksen
Mixer: Edirol V-8 Mixer: Edirol V-8
Speaker: EV Live X Sub Speaker: EV Live X Sub
Vintage Projector Vintage Projector
Fixture: Par 38 Fixture: Par 38
MGS 12' - 16' Wentex Pipe and Drape MGS 12' - 16' Wentex Pipe and Drape

132" Round Tablecloth

132" Round Tablecloth


We Stock Colors Listed to the Left
All Colors & Textures Are Obtainable

Fitting Variations
Table Size  /  Table Height  /  Linen Length

30" Round Table  /  42"  /  To the Floor with Sash

72" Round Table  /  Standard  /  To The Floor


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