Sash/Runner Sash/Runner
Black Resin Chair Black Resin Chair
Fixture: LED Batten Fixture: LED Batten
Plexiglass Speakers Podium Plexiglass Speakers Podium
Disco Ball Disco Ball
Stanchion Stanchion
Speaker: EV ZXa5 Speaker: EV ZXa5
Island Mask: Kacang Island Mask: Kacang
Truss: Junction Block Truss: Junction Block
40 x 60 Frame Tent 40 x 60 Frame Tent
Luau Totem: Large Luau Totem: Large
Fixture: LED Batten Fixture: LED Batten
Mr & Mrs Sign Mr & Mrs Sign
Cable: 50' VGA Cable: 50' VGA
Cooler: 50 Quart Cooler: 50 Quart
Versalite ADA Ramp to 24" Versalite ADA Ramp to 24
Beach Buffett Sign: Attitude Beach Buffett Sign: Attitude
Projector: Derksen Projector: Derksen
Theater Drape Theater Drape


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