8 x 8 VL Stage 8 x 8 VL Stage
Bar Stool: Modern White Leather Bar Stool: Modern White Leather
Fishing Net: White Fishing Net: White
Waste Can: Silver Waste Can: Silver
Napkin Napkin
Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel
Beach Buffett Sign: Boat Drinks Beach Buffett Sign: Boat Drinks
Fixture: Source 4 Ellipsoidal Fixture: Source 4 Ellipsoidal
8 x 24 VL Stage 8 x 24 VL Stage
40 x 40 Tent 40 x 40 Tent
Life Preserver Life Preserver
Books: Stack Books: Stack
Chandelier Chandelier
Specialty: Black Sequin Tablecloth 120" Round Specialty: Black Sequin Tablecloth 120
90" Round Tablecloth 90
Faux Flame Light Faux Flame Light
Safety Cone Safety Cone
Mic: Wireless Countryman Headset Mic: Wireless Countryman Headset
Theater Masks Theater Masks
24" VL Stair w/ Handrail 24

Mixer: Edirol V-8

Mixer: Edirol V-8

The Edirol V-8 is a powerful, easy to use eight-channel video mixer capable of switching between eight cameras or video tape decks during a live performance with smooth transitions and special effects. The V-8 is an affordable solution for the video needs of houses of worship, schools, and nightclubs.
• High Quality Digital Signal Processing
Video sources are processed completely in the digital domain for professional video quality (13.5MHz, 8-bit, 4:2:2). The V-8 is ideal for use on large screens, and because the internal processing is digital there is no quality loss to the output signal.
• Two Channel TBC / Frame Synchronizer
Input sources go through independent two-channel TBC (Time Base Correction) circuits and two-channel frame synchronizers to ensure smooth transitions and stable images.
• Two-Channel Digital Effects
The V-8 features two independent channels of video effects that include a rich selection of digital effects including colorize, strobe, mirror, multi-screen, negative, field freeze, frame freeze, solarize and color filter. The V-8 also features composition effects such as picture-in-picture, chroma key, and luminance key. A single button press can recall the effects.
• Preview Function and On-Screen Menu
The V-8's preview function is controlled by the source selection button, and allows monitoring of each of the four input sources or the output source before transition, to a single preview monitor.
• Memory Function
The V-8's memory function allows the memorization and convenient recall of panel settings, such as effect assignment to each button. The memory stores up to eight configurations and keeps stored settings even with the power off.
• Synchronization with MIDI Equipment
The V-8 features video transitions and effects that can be synchronized with MIDI. The BPM (beat per minute) of transitions and effects can be made to follow the beat of a music track by using the TAP function. The functions of the V-8 can also be controlled via MIDI equipment such as a MIDI keyboard controller.


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