Fixture: LED COLORado 3 Fixture: LED COLORado 3
Arch: White Pergola Arch: White Pergola
Mixer: Mackie 1202 Mixer: Mackie 1202
Indoor Dance Floor : 12' x 12' Indoor Dance Floor : 12' x 12'
Specialty: Black Sequin Tablecloth 90"x130" Specialty: Black Sequin Tablecloth 90
Velour 8' Pipe & Drape Velour 8' Pipe & Drape
Beach Buffett Sign: Attitude Beach Buffett Sign: Attitude
Light Stand Light Stand
Deluxe American Flag Deluxe American Flag
Waste Can: Tall Waste Can: Tall
White Picket Fence White Picket Fence
Tent Wall - Solid Tent Wall - Solid
Versalite ADA Ramp to 24" Versalite ADA Ramp to 24
Projector: Derksen Projector: Derksen
72" Round Table 72
Specialty: Black Pinwheel Tablecloth 90"x156" Specialty: Black Pinwheel Tablecloth 90
Beverage Fountain - 3g Beverage Fountain - 3g
Urn: Old World Urn: Old World
Tent Light Tent Light
Column: Old World Column: Old World

Food Service

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Bar: Coffin 7' Black Coffin Bar
Fill with Ice, Drinks & Hors D'oeuvres
Product Details
Bar: Island/Luau Fully Functional Luau Bar
6'L x 8'H x 4'W

Product Details
Bar: Wooden Fully Functional Wooden Bar
6'L x 8'H x 4'W

Product Details
Bar: Gloss Black 6' Black Gloss Bar
Custom Graphics Available
Product Details
Beverage Fountain - 3g 3 Gallon Capacity
Champagne, Punch or Pulp-Free Liquid

Product Details
Coffee Maker 60 Cup Coffee Urn
Perfect for Large Gatherings

Product Details
Beverage Fountain - 5g 5 Gallon
Champagne, Punch or Pulp-Free Liquid

Product Details
Cooler: 100 Quart 100 Quart Ice Chest
Designed by Igloo
Product Details
Cooler: 50 Quart 50 Quart Ice Chest
Ultra Cold by Igloo
Product Details
Popcorn Machine Professional Popcorn Maker
Don't Forget The Supplies
Product Details
Cooler: 56 Quart 56 Quart Ice Chest
Rolls For Easy Transport
Product Details
Popcorn Supplies Perfect Popcorn Supplies
Give Us A Call
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