108" Round Tablecloth 108
Brown Samsonite Chair Brown Samsonite Chair
Bar Stool: Metal Bar Stool: Metal
Tent Wall - Window Tent Wall - Window
Column: White 40" Column: White 40
Velour 16' Pipe & Drape Velour 16' Pipe & Drape
MGS 12' - 16' Wentex Pipe and Drape MGS 12' - 16' Wentex Pipe and Drape
Faux Flame Light Faux Flame Light
Column: Corinthian Column: Corinthian
Beverage Fountain - 5g Beverage Fountain - 5g
Tiki Torch: Metal Tiki Torch: Metal
12 x 16 Vision Stage 12 x 16 Vision Stage
Arch: Chuppa Arch: Chuppa
Camera: Canon GL2 Camera: Canon GL2
Gondola Table Gondola Table
8 x 8 VL Stage 8 x 8 VL Stage
Mic: Shure SM81 Mic: Shure SM81
Urn: Old World Urn: Old World
Black Resin Chair Black Resin Chair
Hex Tent Hex Tent


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Confetti Cannon Handheld & Portable
Product Details
Faux Flame Light Looks and Acts like a Real Flame
6' Tall x 1' Diameter

Product Details
Disco Ball 12" Mirrored Disco Ball
Motorized Stand and Spotlight

Product Details
Bubble Machine Plastic construction with removable tank
Manual bubble button
Product Details
Bubble Machine Fluid Priced per Gallon
Premium Quality
Product Details
Fog Machine High Output (20,000 cfm)
Wired Remote or DMX controllable
Product Details
Fog Machine Fluid Priced per Gallon
High Output
Product Details
Snow Machine Adjustable output of snow
Wired timer remote included
Product Details
Snow Machine Fluid Priced per Gallon
High Volume
Product Details
Projector: Derksen GL200 Gobo Image Projector
Prizm Attachment Available

Product Details


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