Fixture: LED COLORado 1 Fixture: LED COLORado 1
Versalite ADA Ramp to 24" Versalite ADA Ramp to 24
Bar: Island/Luau Bar: Island/Luau
Specialty: White Pintuck Tablecloth 132" Round Specialty: White Pintuck Tablecloth 132
Faux Stone Faux Stone
Beverage Fountain - 3g Beverage Fountain - 3g
Arch: Column Arch: Column
Cooler: 100 Quart Cooler: 100 Quart
Beach Buffett Sign: Paradise Beach Buffett Sign: Paradise
White Wood Chair White Wood Chair
Chinese Gong Chinese Gong
Light Kit: Construction Light Kit: Construction
Speaker's Podium Speaker's Podium
20 x 20 Tent 20 x 20 Tent
4 x 8 VL Stage 4 x 8 VL Stage
Bar: Wooden Bar: Wooden
Stanchion Rope Stanchion Rope
Camera: Canon GL2 Camera: Canon GL2
Mixer: Mackie 1642 Mixer: Mackie 1642
12 x 16 VL Stage 12 x 16 VL Stage


Increase the visibility and professionalism of your next event with a Special Event Services Stage System.

We have two stage systems to choose from:

Versalite Stage System
Versalite Stage System is a predominantly indoor stage that ranges in height from 8"-32"'.

Versalite can easily reconfigure into multi-level stages, runways, graduation stages, speaker platforms, and much more.


SES Vision Stage SystemVision Stage System is an adjustable height indoor/outdoor stage that ranges in height from 3'-5.5' 

Vision is ideally suited for situations where the terrain is not level or there is a need to span immovable obstacles.


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